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Memorable coin the Ivan the Great Bell Tower 1993
Artist: A.V.Baklanov
Sculptor: I.S.Komshilov
Coinage: Leningrad mint (LMD)

A Commemorative Coin

In 1993 the State Bank of the Russian Federation issued a commemorative coin Ivan the Great. The coin was never in circulation. Date of issue: 19.04.1993 Catalogue number: 5111-0006 Nominal: 3 rubles Metal, assay: silver 900/1000 Copies: 30.000. Averse: in the centre there is an emblem of the Bank of Russia (double-headed eagle, artist I.Bilibin), under it, at the left side there is a sign of the metal assay and alloy assay; on the right side the net quantity of the precious metal and trademark of the mint). Around the circle there are inscriptions, decorated with the dots: at the top 3 roubles 1993; at the bottom BANK OF RUSSIA . Reverse: the image of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower and Filaret Belfry of the Moscow Kremlin. Inscriptions: at the top BELL TOWER OF IVAN THE GREAT AND BELFRY; on the right side over the image, in two lines MOSCOW XVII CENTURY.