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Ivanovskaya square. The beginning of the 19th century. Watercolor

Ivanovskaya Square Changes Its Appearance

After the Poles were driven out from Moscow, the construction and decoration of the Kremlin Cathedral started by the order of the Moscow Patriarch Filaret. The Nativity Church was dismantled and in its place a huge building with gilded dome and various decorations in the Gothic style was attached to the northern side of Godunovs Tower. Inside, a space was arranged for the previous Nativity church, while the biggest bells hung in the 4 piers. Besides the above-mentioned annexes to the Bell tower there were other constructions, remarkable by their purpose. Boris Godunov has built the Chamber for the Velvet and Brocade Factory. Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich created another annex to house the huge model of the globe, presented to him by the tates Gnrales. In the first half of the 18th century, near the Ivan the Great Bell Tower there was a Governors Treasury and a tent for the old utensils and other things from the Assumption Cathedral. At the same time, on the second floor of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower water there tubs were placed to make the fountains on the victory and solemn days. According to the description of the Rev. Levshin (1783), two tents were arranged, one under another, under the ladder leading to the Nativity Church. The psalm-readers and the sextons of the Assumption Cathedral lived here. Under Pavel I, the tents were replaced by the military guardhouse, which existed there until the mid-19th century. . Until 1807 the guards were watching out for the fires in Moscow from the Ivan the Great Bell Tower.
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