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A.Deineka. Nikitka first Russian flyer. 1940
On the picture it is a Belfry of the church of St.John the Baptist in Tolchkovo (Yaroslavl)
G.Korzhev Egorka flyer. 1976

The First Russian Flyer

In 1695, 30 April a muzhik (peasant) shouted for the guards at the Ivanovskaya Square, claimed that he had a message for the Tsar and was brought to the Strelets office (Russian military corps in 16-17 centuries) and interrogated. He alleged, that he could make the wings and fly like a crane. By Tsars order his proposal was accepted. He made the wings of mica having spent 18 rubles on them. The Strelets head, the boyar Troyekurov with his fellows and other curious people went out to the square to watch the muzhik fly. Having set the wings, the muzhik crossed by tradition and started inflating the bellows. Then he tried to take off, but failed to do that. He said that the wings he had made were too heavy. The boyar got very upset. The muzhik made obeisance and asked for the permission to make another pair of wings of chamois leather for which another 5 rubles were spent. He could not fly either. For that he was punished - beaten with rods without a shirt, and all his property was sold to cover the expenses.