About the project

According to the idea of its authors, the historical and architectural exposition in the premises of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower will become a step towards the integration of the real and electronic video series. It consists of the non-conserved existent constructions and unrealised projects on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. This is “the Kremlin that does and did not exist”.
The synthesis of three expositions will be offered to your attention: subject, architectural and electronic. They are closely interconnected and in constant dialogue. A theme is picked up at one part and transferred to another. The expositions are:
  • Architectural fragments, selected with the ray of light, are transferred into the electronic exposition as images.
  • Details of the Bell Tower interiors are highlighted, and by play of light and shade, they look as though it is a projection.
  • Electronic exposition, where the key element is the projection of the images to the surfaces of the walls, becomes the part of the real architectural space.
The exposition is correlated with the perspective views, which could be seen from the windows in different times and epochs. That is a connection of small space of the bell tower interiors with gigantic outer space of the Kremlin. The concept and the scenario of the exposition and the web-site have been developed by ANO “Future Museum” for the SMP “Moscow Kremlin”.


E.Gagarina, A.Levykin, A.Batalov

Authors and Designers


Script — A.Lebedev
Design — P.Lebedev
Web-developer — V.Lagutin
Architectural reconstructions — V.Ryabov
Photography — V.Blagov, I.Konovalov, A.Lebedev, S.Mironov, V.Overchenko, A.Stanolevich
English version — N.Kopelyanskaya
Lermontov Mikhail A Panorama of Moscow. Translated by A.Pylman//Lermontov M. Selected Works- M. Progress Publishers, 1976
Web-site design — ANOK “Future Museum”


Scenario — A.Lebedev
Text — V.Dukelsky
Architectural reconstructions — V.Ryabov, D.Yakovlev
Photography — V.Blagov, I.Konovalov, A.Lebedev, S.Mironov, V.Overchenko, A.Stanolevich
3D-Graphics — Technische Universitat, Darmstadt, Germany: M.Koob, M.Grellert
OOO “Intmedia”, Studio “Motors”
Selection of illustrative material — SMP “Moscow Kremlin”: S.Kostanyan, I.Parmuzina, A.Komolova, I.Bogatskaya, A.Petukhova, A.Tikhomirova
ANO “Future Museum”: A.Lebedev, V.Dukelsky, L.Grinberg, I.Filchenkova, D.Parkhomenko, E.Rybina, E.Sidorova, T.Nikitina, N.Sokolova, T.Efimova, M.Trofimov
Digital illustrative material — Library of the Russian Academy of Science: I.Belyaeva, V.Podkovyrova, A.Sergeev
The State Tretyakov Gallery: T.Turtanova, N.Skornyakova
State Historical Museum: A.Shkurko, V.Egorov, K.Meerov
Sound record of the bells and sound pre-mastering — ROO “Society of Church Bell Ringers”: I.Konovalov, K.Mishurovsky, S.Mishurovskaya, D.Sorokin
Montage of video — OOO “Intmedia”: G.Dombrovsky, E.Erokhina, E.Kamenskaya, K.Lunkin, T.Fialkova
Multilingual system of Synchronic audio guidance — “Global – Alliance” Company: G.Pelman, N.Potapova, V.Zhuravlev
«Ophrys», France Company: A.Eisenstein, M.Guillote, D.Dauner, S.Berger


Concept & Script — V. Dukelsky, A. Lebedev
Artistic concept and Assembling of the exposition — OOO Studio “Museum-Design”: A. Konov, O. Kovalevsky, A. Bikurevsky, S. Zinovieva, A. Ponomarev, V. Pravdin, Yu. Shein
Exposition material — A.Grashchenkov
General idea and concept of technical project — A.Dremailov
Technical project, supply, assembling and tuning of engineer networks and equipment — OOO “KOMBETA”: V.Tutlis, A. Popov
Exposition equipment — Company “Knaufkassel”, Germany: A. Mömeni, N. Chernous, M. Tile, M. Hek
Exposition lightning — Company “Bureau of Architechture Light”: A. Shayer, O. Smyslov
Computer hardware, complex programming — OOO “Intmedia”
System of audio-visual software support of exposition, scenario programming of the audio-visual complex — E. Brega, S. Mikhailov, V. Popov, D. Sokolov, A. Stekolschikov

Restoration of the Bell Tower

Project and follow-on — OOO “Restavrator – M”: E.Stepanova, A.Gustova
Practical restoration — OOO RPP “Target-Tsel”: V. Suslin, A. Levin
Project and assembling of engineer systems — GK “Kombeta”: V.Tutlis, A. Popov


A.Dremailov, I. Grechishnikova, T.Rozanova, I.Sergeev, A.Shchukin, S. Yakovin


Company “Knauf”, Germany, State Historical Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, N.Gavrilenko, N.Demin, M. Filimonov